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Thinking Local

Since our move to the island three years ago, I’ve attended A TONNE of networking mixers to help build my business here in beautiful Victoria, BC. So much so, I’ve dubbed my efforts the “Networking Olympics”! And of all the mixers I’ve been to so far, the one put on by Think Local First, and […]

By jadamson

July 15, 2019

Get in the Picture

To me, stretching out a bare-bones budget as far it can go is the true test of creativity. So when the Victoria Film Commission asked me to shoot a still for their outdoor awareness campaign, I decided to build off the opportunity to also create this sweet little 15-second spot to help round out the […]

By jadamson

July 10, 2019

How we fly a kite in Victoria, BC

When the winds pick up around here, people don’t just go out and fly a kite. Naw, they’d rather boot over to the nearest shoreline to go fly WITH their kites. And I have to say, does it ever look like a heck of a good time out there. Sure, I would’ve loved to join […]

By jadamson

July 5, 2019