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Women Throwing Their Weight Around

I had the opportunity to shoot both stills and video for the Highland Games in Victoria, BC today, and I was blown away by the athleticism in the sport, especially on the women’s side. Here’s one of the athletes competing in the Weight Throw, where female competitors do their best to throw a 28 lb […]

By jadamson

May 18, 2019

Building a brand with Fervor

When my wife decided to change her career, I remember feeling super proud as I watched her collect the courage to leave a solid and successful executive leadership position to pursue a career that would help others find their fervor in life. And wouldn’t you know, in just a very short period of time, I’ve […]

By jadamson

April 27, 2019


Today marks the final day of my probono campaign for #NOTDAW, and below is just one of five brave stories that I had the honor to capture. This experience has been truly rewarding and has motivated me to turn this simple awareness campaign into a set of mini TVCs next year to help build even […]

By jadamson

April 26, 2019