Video Project for Studiostone

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Recently, CrackerJackFlash was tasked with a commercial video job for Studiostone Creative, a really neat soapstone carving kit that allows anyone, ages eight years and up, to carve out an animal of their choosing. Studiostone sells its kits here for just under $30, and you can choose from one of six animals: Bear, Cat, Wolf, Turtle, Seal or an Orca. The kits come with everything you need, such as a pre-cut animal soapstone shape, a carving file, two grits of sandpaper, wax, a polishing cloth, and step-by-step instructions so anyone that gets their hands on one of these kits is set up for success…and the average time from raw stone to finished carving is about 90 minutes.

With just a couple of years of carving its way into the market (sorry about that) the Studiostone product line has done really well in schools across Canada, and is even sold in a few museums already. That said, the creators of the kit are still in start-up mode with a very limited budget. Add to that, CrackerJackFlash  had less than 7 working days to produce the video, start to finish, and its creative responsibilities included: the initial concept, copywriting, some art direction (pulled from the existing packaging), photography for the video’s stills,  shooting the video of course, sourcing the soundtrack, and then the final stage of editing. All things considered, I am quite pleased with the end result which used one of the owner’s daughter, Aya, as the main star of the video, which meant no money was spent on the production of this video whatsoever…besides my time, studio and equipment. The video speaks to all that audience needs to know before purchasing the product, without over indulging as some clients tend to do. For me, and most audiences, simplicity is always the key to delivering a strong, memorable message.

But don’t take my word for it. Take a look at the video project here.

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