Tweed Ride Victoria

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Beyond Halloween, my wife loves any occasion where there’s an excuse to get into costume. So when she heard that the Tweed Ride was on in a few weeks prior to the event, she began planning the tweediest outfits she could find. And with the help of her father, she also managed to score a couple of good old fashioned bikes for the ride.

What is the Tweed Ride exactly? It’s a charitable event that began in London England in 2009, and encourages people to pick out the best tweed clothing they can find, combined with riding bikes (of any age) through the city, and ending at a fun destination where everyone can enjoy tea and a picnic.

The event has spread to a number of cities around the world, including Victoria.

So for this year’s ride, everyone gathered at the BC Legislature Building for a group photo before weaving through the city streets (escorted by Victoria Police) towards the end destination, Craigdarroch Castle. This is where everyone laid down their blankets for some tea and a picnic, and prizes were also awarded for things like “Most Magnificent Bicycle” or “Tweediest Couple” or even “Best Dressed Helmet”. The money raised from this year’s ride went to Bikes for Humanity, Victoria, a not-for-profit that collects, fixes and sends used bikes to developing countries.

Naturally, this was an event I felt needed to be captured, and the easiest way to do that, and still be able to enjoy the ride itself, was shooting video on my phone, which also made it easier to capture the candid moments to help tell the story more authentically. The polish was “ageing” the video in post production, and adding just the right music to match the pace and feel of the film…in this case, Louis Armstrong’s  “La Vie En Rose”.

If you have 60 seconds to spare, take a trip back in time and click the video’s link below…

Tweed Ride Victoria

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