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CrackerJack Surprise of the Day #970

When you want to create change, you need to go big to spark conversation to create that change. In this instance, the agency of record for German supermarket Edeka, together with the World Economic Forum, got…

By jadamson

September 11, 2017

CrackerJack Surprise of the Week #969

The way the advertising industry has been delivering its marketing messages has changed drastically over the years, especially this past decade. The creative now has to work a lot harder to capture the audience’s attention,…

By jadamson

September 4, 2017

CrackerJack Surprise of the Week #968

Some products are more challenging than others when it comes to selling a message that resonates with its target audience. Case-in-point: Blackhead removal. But it looks like the agency of record for Nevia Men managed…

By jadamson

August 28, 2017

CrackerJack Surprise of the Week #965

Whether or not the advertising industry is appreciated or respected, there are many instances that I’m proud to be a part of it, especially when the promotional efforts are built around the greater good. And…

By jadamson

August 8, 2017

CrackerJack Surprise of the Week #961

People with physical disabilities can concur many obstacles, except for this one. That was the insight behind this television spot for the agency of record for The Rick Hanson Foundation, raising awareness, removing barriers and…

By jadamson

July 9, 2017

CrackerJack Surprise of the Week #959

Canada turns 150 years of age this weekend, and many brands are hoping on the bandwagon to help Canadians celebrate. And what’s a better way to celebrate being Canadian than enjoying a down-to-earth coffee and…

By jadamson

June 28, 2017