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Nothing is Impossible

In the late 90’s, there were no digital audiobooks that could be stuffed into your back pocket. But there was this handy little “bible” filled with hundreds of inspirational tips that I tapped into religiously…

By jadamson

May 5, 2020

Academy Dental commercial video

I truly believe that traditional ad agencies will always have their place in the marketing world. But for boutique clients who seek access to world-class creative solutions, all at a fraction of the cost, the…

By jadamson

July 4, 2018

CrackerJack Surprise of the Week #977

Last week was International Women’s Day, and many brands did their best to honour the important day with a clever signage stunt. For me the McDonald’s stunt stands out the most where one hundred stores…

By jadamson

March 12, 2018

CrackerJack Surprise of the Week #975

Yesterday’s 52nd Super Bowl was without a question a spectacular show. There were a lot a lot of records broken on both sides, with the Philadelphia Eagles upsetting the New England Patriots and winning their…

By jadamson

February 6, 2018

CrackerJack Surprise of the Week #973

A few people in the marketing world might say that the print medium is dead. But with this daring interactive print ad for IKEA, I would beg to differ. The task for IKEA’s agency of…

By jadamson

January 10, 2018

CrackerJack Surprise of the Week #972

With drinking and driving on the rise this time of year, this PSA for Mothers Against Drinking and Driving, (in collaboration with Uber) really hits home. Tastefully done, and beautifully shot, this commercial demonstrates everything…

By jadamson

December 12, 2017

CrackerJack Surprise of the Week #971

As audiences see more and more advertising campaigns, they either ignore them entirely, or demand more when it comes to visual design, and authentic storytelling. That said, here’s a short film that speaks to the…

By jadamson

November 24, 2017

CrackerJack Surprise of the Week #970

When you want to create change, you need to go big to spark conversation to create that change. In this instance, the agency of record for German supermarket Edeka, together with the World Economic Forum, got…

By jadamson

September 11, 2017

CrackerJack Surprise of the Week #969

The way the advertising industry has been delivering its marketing messages has changed drastically over the years, especially this past decade. The creative now has to work a lot harder to capture the audience’s attention,…

By jadamson

September 4, 2017

CrackerJack Surprise of the Week #968

Some products are more challenging than others when it comes to selling a message that resonates with its target audience. Case-in-point: Blackhead removal. But it looks like the agency of record for Nevia Men managed…

By jadamson

August 28, 2017

CrackerJack Surprise of the Week #967

If you live anywhere in North America, and have a pulse, you probably heard that there was a rare solar eclipse happening above our heads this morning. And it’s newsworthy events such as this that…

By jadamson

August 21, 2017